15 weird photos that are even more fascinating without context

May 28th, 2018

We present to you a list of weird AF photos that are fascinating when devoid of any context, arranged by order of weirdness. Prepare to be somewhat amused:

1. Straight outta toilet

2. “The amount of cheese beside me right now is too edam high!”

3. That’s a honeycomb, you silly you.

4. That’s one unbelievably detailed Walter White rubber mask.

5. The clothes are okay, I guess?

6. Chicken Bun > Man Bun

7. When you carry out “The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants” in real life.

8. So. Many. Things. Happening. Here.

9. On the upside, it makes for a good reinforcement for the house.

10. Laughter should get you back on track. On track, get it?

11. Lucky for this man to have a flying doggo.

12. We’re guessing these are sugar-based cake decorations but hey, it’s cooler to say you found 100 “men” chillin’ inside a fridge.

13. Another example of structural reinforcement.

14. At least the cat is trying its best.

15. No words for this.


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