LOOK: 7 Star Wars novelty items that all Jedis need in their homes

May 04th, 2018

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May 4 is a very special day for Jedis (and possibly, Siths) in the galaxy. It’s the yearly event that unites and reminds Star Wars fans about their love for the franchise.  

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This 2018, INQPOP! would like to help fans celebrate this day with some novelty items they’ll surely love to have in their homes this Star Wars Day.

Here are the items we’ve picked out:   

BB-8 Alarm Clock

Have you ever wanted to have a loyal and trusty droid like BB-8 by your side? Well, look no further, because now, you can place the alarm clock version of the Star Wars character by your desk or bedside table.  

This BB-8 alarm clock doesn’t only resemble the droid in the film but it also includes the “official BB-8 alarm sound.” Moreover, it is made of a lightweight yet durable plastic casing, which makes it easy to transfer from one place to another.

Sure, it may not be able to move around like the real BB-8 but it does remind you not to be late to work or school every day. And isn’t that what a good droid is supposed to do?

Buy it here.


Star Wars Ottomans

Whether it’s to stash your Bluray discs of the Star Wars movies or to keep your lightsabers and action figures away from prying eyes, everyone needs a bit of storage in their homes.

These colorful Star Wars-themed ottomans will do the trick of organizing and storing your possessions in a more efficient way.

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3D Death Star Optical Illusion Lamp

Star Wars fans will never forget the death-defying feats twins, Luke and Leia went through to stop the Death Star from destroying more planets. This cool-looking 3D Death Star Optical Illusion Lamp will remind fans of their favorite heroes’ efforts in defeating the dark side.

The acrylic LED lamp creates an astonishing 3D hologram effect of the Death Star. It also has a touch control feature that enables you to change the color setting of the light.

It’s the ultimate desk accessory for Star Wars fans of all ages!  

Buy it here.


Heat-sensitive Darth Vader Coffee Mugs

Coffee lovers know that mornings will never be the same without their favorite beverage on hand. So why not liven up the joy of drinking coffee with these heat changing coffee mugs!

These mugs change colors and designs once hot water is placed inside them.

These mugs are available in the following designs: Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Kylo Ren, and BB-8.

*Disclaimer: The following designs were subject to Lazada’s verification processes.


Star Wars Slow Cooker

Speaking of kitchen items, fans will never go wrong with this Star Wars-themed slow cooker.

This kitchen gadget features a removable round stoneware insert, a tempered glass lid, and multi-level cooking settings (Low, High and Warm).

Buy it here.


R2-D2 USB Wall Charger

Charge your electronic devices like a true Jedi with this cute R2-D2 wall charger.

This device contains  2 USB ports so you can charge two devices at once. Plus, it lights up when it receives power from the outlet!

Buy it here.


R2-D2 Shower Head

Finally, make bath time extra fun with this quirky R2-D2 shower head!

The shower accessory has 3 powerful spray settings with patented Oxygenics technology. And not only does it look aesthetically pleasing but it showcases a new efficient design that reduces water usage without limiting water pressure.

Buy it here.


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