LOOK: 16 Must-have pool floaters for the perfect Summer IG shots

May 03rd, 2018

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With the summer sun ablaze, it’s not surprising that you’d choose to cool off by the beach or the swimming pool.

You might wade through the waters, lounge about the pool, and sip ice-cold drinks — all to relieve yourselves from the summer heat.

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As long as you’ve lathered yourself with a generous amount of sunblock to protect from harmful UV rays, having the sun directly overhead may not such a bad thing. For one, the sun’s unfiltered rays provide the perfect lighting for your impromptu IG shoots. And with the pool or the beach in the background, there’s nothing stopping you from coming up with semi-perfect social media pictures. Because the perfect IG shots exist with these quirky inflatable floaters. Check them out:


Shell with Pearl Floater

Ever wondered what it would be like to live a day like The Little Mermaid’s Ariel — to swim with fins and sit on aquatic surfaces like shells and corals?  

Well now, you don’t have to imagine it because you can feel like a real-life mermaid (or something quite like it) when you sit on this inflatable shell floater with a detachable pearl floatie!


Buy it here.


Nature-inspired Floaters

Show off your fun summer vibe with these nature-inspired floaters! Its vibrant colors and unique shape will make for interesting photo shoots for anyone who’s obsessed with the great outdoors.

Buy it here.


Buy it here.


There’s even this palm tree drink floater so you could relax by the pool with a drink nearby!

Buy it here.


Bird Floaters

Bird floaters gained infamy when celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted with them.

Now, you and your friends can lounge like stars in these cute, winged floaters.

Buy it here.


Buy it here.


Get it in either small or large.


Get it in either small or large.


Also, you can purchase a smaller version of the flamingo floaters for the toddlers in your life!

Get it here.


Mythical Floaters

When it comes to mythical creatures, nothing can quite compare to the popularity of the unicorn. Their bright-colored mane and golden horn make them the best representation of a person’s individuality. Not to mention, it’s cute AF!

This summer, let your distinct personality stand out with this inflatable mythical creature:

Get it here.


Then, complement it with this miniature floater for your beverages.

Get it here.


Food Floaters

Let’s face it — food will forever be a staple in our summer adventures. Whether it’d be cocktails by the beach or foreign delicacies, we can’t think of any other better way to celebrate summer than with your love for food!

This time around, you can show off your snack obsession with these food-themed floaters.

Buy it here.


Buy it here.


Buy it here.


Buy it here.


Match your donut floaters with these mini ones for your refreshments. It comes in either pink or brown frosting.

Get it in either pink or brown.

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