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May 02nd, 2018

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Submitted by: Vanessa Reventar

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Eyelash curlers—a tool that makeup users depend on but often overlook. Most think of curling your lashes as another step in a routine. When it comes to buying eyelash curlers, there is a mentality that “any curler will do” which suggests that they are a one-size-fits-all type of product. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

On browsing the Asian Beauty subreddit sidebar, one can find this link: Guide: How to Measure Eyelid Curvature & List of Eyelash Curlers. It might seem obvious at first, but after seeing the chart of measurements for different eyelash curlers, it’s easy to see why someone prefers one over another. Choosing the right curler has everything to do with a). the curve of your eye and b). the curve of the curler.

Creator Community, fashion, beauty, women,

The reddit post goes into detail with instructions on how to measure your eye shape and an eyelash curler. This information is exciting, if only because people can save money by buying the right size eyelash curler instead of buying and trying several, only to end up disappointed because it pinches, pokes you in the eye, or doesn’t hug your eye in the right places.

Unfortunately, not all companies print the measurement of the eyelash curler’s curve on the packaging (although some Japanese brands like Shiseido do). So if you feel dissatisfied with your eyelash curler, chances are it’s not you, it’s your curler! Don’t feel like you have to buy into the hype of the famous eyelash curlers (Shu Uemura’s comes to mind). Reading reviews—such as this one by Lipstick Latitude—and asking for recommendations will help you decide which curler to spend your money on that will suit you. Hopefully your next curler will be the perfect fit.

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