John Cena auditioned for ‘Blue’s Clues’ reboot and the internet had that joke again

March 12th, 2018

American wrestler and actor John Cena is said to be auditioning as the1 host of the show that once became a huge part of our childhood.

The 16-time WWE Champion who has also ventured into acting in several action films and recently lent his voice in the animated feature “Ferdinand,” might have found a new challenge in his career. He now wants to help kids find clues in the upcoming reboot of “Blues Clues”.

AdWeek senior editor Jason Lynch recently tweeted a photo of Cena auditioning to be the new host of Blues Clues, wearing that green striped shirt Steve Burns used to wear when he hosted the show.

. @JohnCena auditioning to be the new #BluesClues host.

— Jason Lynch (@jasonlynch) March 6, 2018

Nickelodeon announced that it is reviving the popular educational children show featuring a blue-spotted puppy named “Blue” who leaves behind clues for the audience and show’s host to find and figure out. Entertainment Weekly reports that the network has ordered 20 new episodes and will begin filming this summer. The network is also holding an open casting call for a new host in Southern California on April 14.

While Cena being the host of Blues Clues might be the “refreshed signature look” the show needs for its reboot, it may also be a little problematic for some parents as kids know him to be the same guy casually throwing bodies and using steel chairs inside the wrestling ring. But that’s not all, the internet’s problem with him being the host involves that joke you’ll see in every John Cena-related post online.

I'm sorry but… I don't see him on the stage

— Zela (@Zela_Kantal) March 8, 2018

Screenshot from Facebook

instead of the clues their going to be looking for him

— Shifa ♡ (@maseratigrayson) March 8, 2018

Screenshot from Facebook

Well, seriously, no one really saw this coming.

We can all certainly say that we never saw this coming

— MidnightTwister (@TwistyMidnight) March 8, 2018

Imagine Cena doing his WWE entrance every time we see him on the show.

Screenshot from Facebook

Screenshot from Facebook

Hey kids, we have a new host for Blue's Clues…


🎶Doot doo doo dooooo🎶
🎶Doot doo doo dooooo🎶

— C.C. Hawkley (@cchockeytalk) March 8, 2018

Cena shared a picture of Steve and Blue on Instagram and maybe it’s his way of saying “his time is now.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on

Kidding aside, John Cena might be okay as the new host of the show. And who knows, he might as well be the champ in this.

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