Imago to release new single this 2018

March 03rd, 2018
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Imago has gone through a lot in their twenty years together. Member and management changes, relationship upset ups and downs, an ebb and flow in their narrative. This is documented in the five albums and many singles the band has released since 1998.Also in their various awards and live performances here and abroad.

In 2014 their original singer left to strike out on a solo career. The remaining core did not think twice about moving forward and found a new vocalist, a young powerhouse to take them into another phase in the band’s history. A year after, the group had written more original music and they released a new album KAPIT.

Imago’s history is much like a life well lived – celebrated, scarred, experienced, sturdy, strong and beautiful. If it’s one thing to take away is that the group’s members have a deep love for the band, each other, and the music.

For 2018 the band is releasing a new single “Trio”. It’s a sonic account of where Imago is in at this point in time. As they continue to grow into this new configuration they are excited to see what twists and turns the future holds. Whatever that is they’ll have a song for it.


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