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Wake up and smell the coffee: Scented makeup is back!

February 28th, 2018
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We all want our beauty products to look good on us, but should we want them to smell good, too?

Scented makeup is on the rise, and with fragrances ranging from cappuccino to lemonade, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the latest launches:

Image: Winky Lux via AFP Relaxnews

Cruelty-free beauty brand Winky Lux has been causing something of a sensation over the past few days, thanks to the launch of its new coffee-scented makeup collection. Featuring an eyeshadow palette, two different bronzers in “mocha” and “latte,” three lipsticks and two lip glosses, the collection is imbued with the scent of your favorite caffeinated drink, to make early morning beauty routines slightly more bearable.


Image: Instagram/@maybelline

Earlier this month, Allure broke the news that cosmetics giant Maybelline is lining up a lemonade-scented eyeshadow palette for release this July. An Instagram post from the brand shows a close-up of the fruity palette, which features summery hues dubbed Sherbet, Strawberry Lemonade and Lemonade Craze. Get ready to embrace your citrus side.


Image: Too Faced via AFP Relaxnews

Too Faced
Unicorn-loving brand Too Faced is riding high after the launch of its highly-anticipated “Life’s A Festival” collection, a riot of shimmering pastel hues, fronted by singer-songwriter RaeLynn. The series includes the brand’s new Rainbow Strobe Highlighter, a kaleidoscopic highlighter that not only promises a prismatic color effect, but is also infused with rose quartz powder, leaving a light floral fragrance on the skin.

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