Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Abby Howell

Boy surprises friend on Valentine’s Day after she was ‘horribly bullied’ in school

February 23rd, 2018

This is one of the sweetest Valentine’s Day stories we’ve ever heard! ❤

Growing up can be tough. Not only do you deal with the stress of your studies, but also with the bullies and mean girls, who make every day in school feel like hell.

During times like this, it’s not surprising that the bullied may feel somewhat lacking in self-worth. And oftentimes, this form of emotional “abuse” can affect their self-esteem and confidence in the future.

So when Isaiah Greiner found out that his family friend was being “horribly bullied” at school, he took it upon himself to make her feel special on Valentine’s Day.

In this Facebook post from Greiner’s mother, Abby Howell, Greiner can be seen arriving at the school cafeteria carrying a large teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers for the 12-year old girl.

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Abby Howell

When the young girl saw Greiner with the gifts, she was overcome with emotion and was left speechless. She then hugged Greiner as a way of saying “Thanks” for his efforts to brighten up her Valentine’s Day.

Since Howell uploaded the photos and video on Facebook, a number of netizens all over the world couldn’t help but admire the lengths Greiner went to make his friend happy. Even celebrity host, Ellen Degeneres shared Howell’s Facebook post and captioned it, “This is kindness.”

This is kindness.

Posted by Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

For everyone struggling with bullies, please remember that you will always be worth something to those who love you. And that there are people in the world like Isaiah Greiner, who prove that kindness still exists!


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