Guy shares his mom’s savage AF reply to an ‘amiga’ who criticized his radical post

February 06th, 2018

Last Saturday, a parent posted on Facebook about how she would react if she found out that her daughter was protesting against the government. It was just one of the many thoughts and opinions on the matter that made the rounds on social media after the President said that he would have student activists kicked out of UP for walking out of their classes to protest.

I have a 16-year-old daughter. I wanted to believe that I have been a discerning enough parent to have raised her to…

Posted by Hedda Joy Tady Tan on Saturday, February 3, 2018

In her post, which you can read above, Mrs. Tan said that as long as her child lives under her roof and depends on her for her daily needs, she needs to live by the family’s principles and political beliefs. The post became viral and received a mix of criticisms and messages of agreement.

Twitter user @antonthefighter¬†strongly criticized the post and shared his thoughts on the issue on his Facebook account. He then shared on Twitter how his mother replied to an ‘amiga’ who messaged her about his post, and the amount of sass in his mother’s reply is staggering!

Amiga, nakita mo na ba ‘yung FB post ng anak mong aktibista sa UP? Napaka-rebelde mag-isip baka sa susunod kayo suwagin niyan,” the message read.

The mom replied that it was fine because her son thinks of what is right for the country and that UP students really are radical thinkers, but that he is still kind and respectful towards his family. The reply could have ended there and we would love this story because of how the mother stood up for her son’s convictions, but it gets sooo much better.

The mother then asked her amiga:

“Kamusta pala ‘yung anak mo? Balita ko 3 na anak sa iba-ibang babae tapos hindi pa nakakapagtapos ng pag-aaral? Kawawa naman ‘no. Ka-edad lang yun ng aktibista kong anak sa UP di’ba? Sana hindi sumasakit ulo mo sa kanya.”¬†

Mic drop!

The friend could only reply with a “K” after that. What else could she say after such a burn?

Read the full post below:

My mom channeling her inner Jaclyn Jose's "Bitch ka lang, ako super bitch" attitude and schooled her 'amiga' for being a mahaderang frog.

Mukhang may nasirang friendship at nagsaulian ng kandila dahil sa isang fb post ko. Lol.

Ano ba kasing problema niyo sa mga taga UP? lels pic.twitter.com/HRUgG9iRt2

— Antoine (@antonthefighter) February 4, 2018


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