Portrait 360 by PensNBrushes makes portrait drawing accessible

February 06th, 2018
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People had a blast at the third edition of Portraits 360° held last 27th January at the Studio, Fully Booked. With the amazing combination of cool, casual setting, the mix of art lovers, and the support of our enterprising media partners, this event has pulled together a decent number of followers!

Who knew that portrait drawing can be so… accessible? This art jam has opened the doors for beginners and pro’s alike to mingle and amp up their game in sketching. It’s also a fabulous way to get one’s artwork noticed!

Here’s how the jam went: half-hour sets were filled with creative and fast-paced strokes by the artists while sitters were depicted at a various angle and at distinctive styles. Everybody was rewarded by the experience — some with their very own portrait, and some with cash. Yes, the artists can sell their sketches.

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