Stage father coaches nervous daughter who forgot her dance steps at a recital

January 09th, 2018

Parents would go above and beyond to support their children and to be there for them whenever they are needed.

A dad in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S. was caught on cam being a full-time supportive father to his little daughter on stage and instantly won the internet’s “Dad goals” award. In a viral Facebook video, stage father Acers Gill was seen coaching his daughter as the little girl seemed lost and forgot the dance steps while performing at a dance recital.

According to Southern Living, the 2-year-old daughter was performing during a Kiddie Kapers & Company Dance Program recital. A woman from the audience, Jennifer Gaines, saw the precious father-daughter moment and filmed Acers demonstrating the choreography of Frozen‘s “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” to his daughter from behind the curtain. The little girl seemed nervous facing a huge crowd so she looks at her dad who knows all dance steps.

The video did not only touch many netizens who commended the father but also reached the dance company who said:

“When we say we have the best dancers, we know it would not be possible unless they had great parents. Thank you parents for your continued support of our dancers and our programs. Rock on, Dance Dad, rock on!”

Watch the adorable video that will instantly brighten up your day!

The real bell of the ball. Rock on Dancer Dad.

Posted by Jennifer Michelle Gaines on Sunday, December 10, 2017

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