This wealthy neighborhood put up anti-bird spikes on trees to keep their cars from bird droppings

December 22nd, 2017
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Are they freakin’ serious?

We all know how annoying poops are — whether it’s dog poop, or cat poop — no one likes seeing their pet’s poop on their stuff. It’s understandable if people are a little particular about this. But this wealthy neighborhood went too far — way too far!

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To protect their expensive cars from bird droppings, residents from this neighborhood in Bristol, England, put up ‘anti-bird spikes’ on their trees. One user tweeted a photo of the tree with bird spikes and it instantly went viral, receiving mix responses from a lot of people.

wealthy residents have fitted trees with ‘anti-bird spikes’ in a bid to protect their expensive cars from bird droppings

— Rossalyn Warren (@RossalynWarren) December 19, 2017

Several people found the act disgusting and shameful. They think that it’s no excuse to deliberately harm animals just to protect expensive cars.

Smashing the windows of a Rolls Royce is an objectively more moral position than intentionally harming animals.

— 🎄Kenosha Kickers Fanpage🎄 (@jmichaelbrad) December 19, 2017

Shameful and disgusting! How do these people live with themselves? Are they even human? And here we keep a bowl of water for thirsty birds.

— Renison. Pereira (@renison007) December 21, 2017

Dude…. Bird poop is causing you that much stress that you are willing to booby trap another species habitat, while also endangering their well-being, to keep them from doing a natural occurrence?

— Flowr'child (@fijayei) December 19, 2017

This is cruelty. Where are the laws against thIs?

— my name’s in urban dictionary (@MajorKeiAlert) December 19, 2017

While another person even pointed out that birds can still opt to sit on their cars instead.

Do they realise the birds can still just sit on the car itself?

— augie (@augielovesmax) December 19, 2017

Others just decide to talk trash about these rich and apparently, “privileged” people.
england, bristol, bird spikes, rich, cars, bird droppings

A few people even pointed out that car covers are there to protect your cars…

I’ve got an extremely rare and valuable old car, she has to live under a tree (heck, in the London area I’m lucky even to have a driveway) but there are things called CAR COVERS that protect your car from the elements. Mine is a storm force all weather car cover.

— Kirsty Farnfield ♿️ (@scrapchallenge1) December 19, 2017


Yall have tarps in the UK right?

— Hillary Newton (@studiohq) December 19, 2017

…and they can always just have their cars washed!

There is a thing called a car wash

— Claudia Borkowski (@claud_borkowski) December 20, 2017

You'd think these rich people could afford to have someone wash their cars. How sad for them.

— 🌟Rising Christmas Star Koo🌟 (@Koomasters) December 19, 2017


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