LOOK: Toddler uses sign language as a cry for help in this photo with Santa Claus

December 12th, 2017

People often see Santa Claus as the symbol of holiday cheer and celebration. But when you’re a 2-year old, having a bearded stranger ask you to sit on his lap — whilst he asks you for your Christmas wishes — can be a downright traumatizing scenario for many toddlers today. That’s why we can’t seem to blame this child for discreetly wanting help from his mother when he was told to pose with Santa Claus himself.

We taught our baby sign language. This is the sign for "help." You're welcome. pic.twitter.com/i6NkxBf4KP

— Kerry Spencer (@Swilua) December 5, 2017

Since this photo was posted on Twitter, it has generated over 27,000 likes online and has been retweeted over 7,000 times.

But some Twitter users seem to question what the child was really trying to say in this photo. One Twitter user commented that the child may have been saying “more” instead of “help.”

this isn’t the sign for help 😂 this is closer to the sign “more” lol

— meg (@meggggggyyy) December 9, 2017

However the mother of the child, Kerry Spencer clarified that children don’t always sign perfectly so he most likely was signaling for “help” in this photo.

Yes, it would be much weirder if a baby *did* sign perfectly! 😂

— Kerry Spencer (@Swilua) December 10, 2017

Here’s to hoping he’s still got the holiday spirit even after this unfortunate meeting with St. Nick himself!

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