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Hear ye! Hear ye!! All ye Juans and Juanas of all shapes, colors, sizes, backgrounds, philosophies, and diet! Thou have been summoned to the freshest and greenest year-ender festival.

Held in the court of:

Excited yet? Well check out these schedule of events for the first leg of this Festival happening in Eastwood city.

See, it’s a basketful of activities, informative talks, and workshops that is meant to excitingly encourage everyone towards a healthier, greener, and humane path.

And of course, let’s not forget the Vegan Food and Drinks that are sure to tickle everyone’s tastebuds…yes, even those of the hardcore carnists. Non-food merchants are also present in this festival since Veganism is not only about plant-based diet, but it also pertains to our turning down of articles that has an animal-derived component (may it be that cool new leather jacket from your favorite fashion brand, or your facial wash with goat’s milk).

I hope the list of merchants got you grinning like a Cheshire cat (I know I am at the moment!). Goodies you’ll find here are worth the visit, and worthy to be your present this Christmas. This is one of the ways on how you can “greenify” your 2017 gift-giving. One thing more, don’t forget to bring your eco-bags and containers! This festival is mindful too of plastic and packaging pollution; so we can help their vision by bringing our own bayongs, baskets, or bags, food containers and tumblers. This way some of the merchants won’t need to put it in a disposable package and all.

VegFest Pilipinas is spearheaded by 

Vegans of Manila is an online community that started out as an Instagram account eager to share to their followers how veganism can be accessible. Founded by Jaq Abergas, Vegans of Manila was created to show Filipinos that veganism is a positive movement that celebrates compassion, kindness and love for all creatures on Earth—including humans and non-humans. What started out as a social media account has now evolved into a movement that plants seeds of compassion in people and move them to take action. Future plans of Vegans of Manila include launching vegan cookbooks, ebooks on vegan living, and a vegan resource website to help transitioning and new vegans maintain their lifestyle. 

This festival is a safe place for humans and animals alike, so to speak. No, there won’t be animal rights activists doing hostile picketing and antagonizing of carnivores and omnivores. This is actually the perfect place for people of different beliefs and diets to come together and know more about Veganism through the food and activities. This is a festival where enlightenment and enjoyment can take place over discussions on this Lifestyle—while watching the awesome bands and sipping on your cold-pressed juice, and nibbling on your vegan cupcake. That we come to learn that it’s not enough to just have a healthy body, but also have a healthy environment, and a healthy loving spirit.

Catch my next article, it’ll be a post-event write-up of VegFest Pilipinas. I will also interview some heads of Pinoy vegan groups and ask them Vegan FAQs, and tips on transitioning to this ethical and conscious lifestyle. If you have a Vegan question in mind, you can email them to me at wpmovement@yahoo.com.

See you at VegFest Pilipinas 2017! Forgive me, I’ll just be that Cheshire-grinning-spectacled-girl eating the whole time!