18 Catchy Pinoy jingles that you’ll sing even in your sleep

November 16th, 2017

1. This one that encouraged us to question everything before making a decision in life.



2. James Reid and his dance moves that beat energy gap!


3. When you have much pride in you but you know that you can’t get this song out of your head.


4. When this comes out on TV, you’ll hear kids on the streets singing along with it.



5. Kris Aquino with a pink megaphone asking us to do the “Rubadabango”.

Admit it, you also danced to this while standing on top of a table.


6. This jingle that we sing to those who needs to be reminded when to brush their teeth.


7. This one that tried to trick us into eating veggies.


8. You can hear Kendra singing this to you in your sleep. FOR REAL!


9. When it’s your birthday and somebody says “ice cream,” this always comes to your mind.

Happy kaarawan!


10. Every time you see the floor looking shiny AF.

Kintab ay to the max!


11. Honestly, every shampoo jingle gets to us all the freaking time!


12. Because what better way to promote hair care than to sing and dance while flipping your hair.



13. This toothpaste commercial that doesn’t only makes you to smile but also gets to your head all day.


14. You probably sang this to that petite barkada you know.

“Bulilit, bulilit, ang liit liit.”


15. This one that taught us to fight “Micronutrient deficiency” before we even know what the hell it is.

Micronutrient deficiency, ravanan natin ‘to!


16. Every freaking Pinoy kid knows this song and dances to this giant bee.

Because Jollibee is life.


17. You know you used to be cool when you know the lyrics to this jingle.


18. Finally, this song happened to us.


You know you’re singing these in your head, and we’re sorry pero damay-damay na ‘to.

via Giphy


Artwork by Juan Carlo Janairo

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