InqPOP! Public Service: Donate funds to help pay for Helga Myra De Guzman’s medical bills

November 11th, 2017
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Ron Dominic De Guzman is the son of Helga Myra De Guzman. Last November 1, his mom had a stroke and is currently admitted in UERM critical care unit. They did the necessary labs so that her doctors can determine if she will be required to have a craniotomy. From the looks of it, there is a possibility that she’ll go under the knife and it will cost PhP 600K-800k for the surgery alone. That’s exclusive of the CCU charges and professional fees of the doctors. The family has gotten top notch doctors for Mrs. De Guzman so that she could have the best quality of care possible because they want to spend more time with each other and enjoy long lasting memories.

Ron Dominic’s mom has been his rock and as someone who loves their mom very much, he would do anything to keep her in good hands and in good condition. The family would really appreciate if you can pitch in and help them financially. The De Guzman family continuously receives an overwhelming support and love from all their friends and everyone who has assured their presence and those who offered prayers keep everyone in the family stronger.

The De Guzman family is humbly asking for financial assistance so that they could give Ms Helga De Guzman all the treatment modalities that will help her live longer.

Any amount will surely be valuable. They have setup GoFundMe accounts for dollar and a GoGetFunding for peso accounts

The De Guzman family is truly thankful for your support.


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