8 eye-opening lessons that’ll change your perspective on life

November 27th, 2017

Carl Sagan

This is Carl Sagan. He was an astrophysicist, author, and all-around nice guy best known as a popularizer of science. He made it part of his life’s work to take the complicated and difficult theories and explain them in a way that ordinary people can understand. A lot of scientists today credit him as the person who inspired them to pursue a career in the field and further humanity’s understanding of the world and the universe.

In the many books that he wrote and speeches that he gave, Sagan often delivered advice on how people ought to look at others, the world, and their relationship to those two. Being an astrophysicist helped him see things from a wider perspective, something that we may not always remember to do in our daily lives.

Here are some of his most profound advice that can help you change your perspective about life:

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