People recreated Ariana Grande’s “My Everything” pose to test how she sat on that stool

Ariana Grande isn’t just known for her vocal prowess, hit pop songs, and her signature ponytail and bunny ears. The world also knows how she’s one hell of a “Dangerous Woman” and how strong she is despite the tragedy that happened on her Manchester show last May.

But right now, people are questioning the singer for her “My Everything” album cover pose.

Ariana’s 2014 album My Everything brought us some of her biggest hits like: “Break Free,” “Problem,” “Love Me Harder,” and “One Last Time.” So if you’ve heard these songs, played it on Spotify or iTunes, you’ve probably seen Ari’s pose on her album cover.


Twitter user Jesse McLaren tried to end all the questions to Ari’s now iconic pose and decided to recreate it. He said “…there’s no way her ass is sitting on that stool.” But one person pointed out that Jesse didn’t have Ariana’s signature ponytail that “…balances everything out.”

One user demanded a scientific analysis like how Jack and Rose could’ve both fit on that raft. #RIPJack

Others accepted Jesse’s attempt as a challenge, tried out the pose themselves, and proved that it was actually possible!

It turned out though that this was not easy for some… OUCH!

Those who are still confused how Ariana Grande sat on that stool, well, she’s putting this up on Mythbusters! Guess she’ll really prove that her ass was sitting on that chair.

Ariana Grande may have 99 problems but sitting on that stool won’t be one!

via Tenor

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