BTS fan found something “extra” in her ‘Love Yourself: Her’ album

October 03rd, 2017

Ever since K-Pop group BTS announced their comeback, their ARMYs (BTS fandom name) seriously couldn’t keep their chill. Fans lost it when The Chainsmokers also announced a possible collaboration with their idols, and even more when BTS released their latest album “Love Yourself: Her” on September 18.

Koreaboo reported that an EXO fan shared on Twitter that her ARMY friend found something else on her copy of BTS’s new album—a photo of EXO member, Chanyeol!

So my rl friend who's an army sent me this… Why the fuck did she get a pic of chanyeol in her bts album???? pic.twitter.com/xdO1gxMEN6

— Sunshine Yeol 🌞 (@LegendsAkAExo) September 30, 2017


Many EXO-Ls and BTS ARMYs were confused how the photo card of Chanyeol got into a copy of BTS’s album. Some were poking fun at the idea that maybe Chanyeol was the 8th BTS member or the spy in EXO.

He's the 8th member 😂

— BTS TRASH (@_Sam__Sam__) October 1, 2017

😂😂😂 i didnt know he was part of BTS!! guess he's the spy in EXO.

— lea (@leahchoo1) September 30, 2017


The photo of Chanyeol wasn’t even in the official released photos for “The War,” EXO’s latest album, which makes the whole thing even more eerie.

That is not an official photocard of The War tho 🙂 pic.twitter.com/ih1N1L80BE

— Trần Thụy Vĩ Vân (@kunobaka) October 2, 2017


The card seems to be mistakenly added in the packaging, but some fans are thinking that maybe this wasn’t the case at all.

BTS and EXO are trying to tell that ARMYs and EXO-Ls have to stop the fanwar. Just saw this in the internet.

— Park Keanna💘 (@keannaestera33) October 3, 2017


— Park Keanna💘 (@keannaestera33) October 3, 2017

😂 i wouldn't mind having that photocard in my BTS album lol i love me some BTSxEXO

— Kpopinini 🌐 (@ninisw33t) October 2, 2017


It’s actually a win-win situation for both EXO and BTS stans and a call to stop the fanwars.

it's a win-win situation || bighit trying to tell ARMYs & EXO-Ls to stop the fanwars ~ we chill

— A ♡ 애슐리 (@bangtanboysxo) October 1, 2017


Chanyeol’s photobombing skills are definitely on point in this one!

via Tenor

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