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September 17th, 2017

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Aside from being a gypsy, tree-hugging activist Momma, and hipster Tita, this multipotentialite’s other hats are: Climate Reality Leader of Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project; fellow of Center for Engaged Foresight (futurism/futurology/foresight studies/futures institution); member of Spirit Questors, Inc.; honorary member of Rotary Philippines; Manila representative of Save Antique Movement; contractual Editor-in- Chief of EE Club Magazine, Founder of Walang Plastikan! Movement; and a freelance: Events Planner, Writer, & Talent (VO, Events Host, Print, and TV).

She is a Humanities graduate of University of Asia & the Pacific and her first job was working as a Marketing Officer for her favorite channel, Jack TV of Solar-Entertainment Corp. After a few years she moved on to a heart’s calling kind of job at ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. She left the foundation 2011, ten months after giving birth to her daughter, Mandala Rafaelle, because she wanted to spend more time taking care of the bundle of joy (sometimes her bundle of craziness). For a financial filler, she took on several contractual jobs and realized the freelance world is for her. Plus, it gives her and her husband an opportunity to concoct yearly mini fundraisers—having anti-child trafficking & anti-child pornography orgs as their favored beneficiaries.

During her as-much- as-she- can-get- leisure, and apart from family adventures, she writes poetry; paints; devours books; invents vegan dishes; binge-watches on Netflix & iflix; meditates; does yoga; swims; dances; does nature-bathing or simply talks to Nature (yes, it’s a thing!); watches gigs and other performance art productions; savors massages and other therapeutic treatments (e.g., Oyayi-sound healing, Ayurvedic Therapy, Reiki, Floral Essences Healing, etc.); and just muses over Life’s curiosities either alone or over a couple of drinks with friends.

Oh, and she also daydreams! “Sometimes, you have to unplug yourself from the Matrix…” she says. She believes that it is in the daydreaming, coupled with intent & motivation, where dreams marry reality. At times when you are lost and seem to miss your sense of purpose, just close your eyes, and dream your day away.

Her dream for the Philippines is to become greener, sustainable, environmentally aware, carbon-negative, emphathetic, foresighted, single-use plastic-less, and of course, a better government. She believes that if we dream it together, it shall come true.

For comments, questions, desire for feature and whatnot, you can email Peachie at: [email protected] or message her directly via her FB page @PeachieKeenandGreen. She is a Lola when it comes to social media, so IG (and perhaps Twitter) to follow.

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