2017 Art in island newest attraction

August 02nd, 2017
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Art In Island, known for its 3D and interactive paintings, is a 3D art museum and the biggest of its kind in Asia. With over a hundred 3D paintings painted in the walls and floor, you can freely touch, be creative with your poses and take pictures as much as you want. The paintings become real like you are actually in them. But how about if these paintings can now move?

This September 2017, Art In Island brings media art through projection mapping and media facade art combined here in the Philippines for the very first time! This newest attraction will not be on a limted time but will be added as one of the museum’s attractions.

Be ready to discover beautiful visuals recreated with light and art combined! With the use of projection mapping, Art In Island creates exciting projection mapped performances which are carefully wrapped around Art In Island’s 30-feet tall panoramic 3D paintings. Projection mapping is actually a development in projection technology used to turn common objects into interactive displays. Along with Art In Island’s interactive 3D paintings, we combine interactive projections and create a new and exciting fantasy world only here in Art In Island.

To learn more, visit www.fb.com/artinisland or call us at 421-1356.

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