The level of savagery is strong with this “No Littering” signage

May 11th, 2017

Every one of us wants fresh air and a clean environment, yet some of us can’t follow simple instructions to keep it that way.

In a picture posted by this Facebook Page, a community chairman who is probably too tired of people who don’t know how to properly dispose their trash, decided to put up this signage for anyone who will dare to litter the place.

via Kapitan Kupal

via Kapitan Kupal

According to one commenter, the signage is located at Sitio Biuyan, San Pablo, Laguna. Apparently, this isn’t the first and last time that the chairman put up an explicit warning in signages.

For some, it’s okay to put up this kind of signage as a warning to those who would ruin nature’s beauty. And sometimes, when hard-headed people really don’t follow simple rules from these signages, one might really resort to cursing.

But for others, although understandable, the signage is a bit inappropriate especially for children who might see and read obscene language.

So the next time you visit or pass by Sitio Biuyan, you don’t wanna carelessly throw your trash anywhere or you’ll know where you might just end up if you get caught.

via Giphy

via Giphy

You’ve been warned.

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