This Instagram account filled with hidden sex toys is basically “Where’s Waldo?” for adults

May 04th, 2017

Have you ever got the chance to find “Waldo” when you were young?

hidden, toys, waldo, kids

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The popular children’s book “Where’s Waldo?” by English illustrator Martin Handford depicts dozens or more people doing various things in a location. The readers are tasked to spot one character hidden in the crowd — Waldo. He wears a bobble hat, round glasses, and a red-and-white hat.

hidden, toys, waldo, kids

Image source

Now this concept has been reinvented by a group of friends through their Instagram account. Subtle Dildo. But instead of looking for “Waldo”, IG users are tasked to find the carefully hidden sex toy in every photo.

Yep, you read that right.

The creators described their website as “an installation art project about the place of rubber in our lives.” With every photo, Subtle Dildo have discreetly places the sex toy for the eagle-eyed folks to find.

You can check out some of their photos and see if you can find ‘em. *wink, wink*

Via: A.V. Club

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