Japan’s ‘oldest male pornstar’ bares secret to his longevity

April 19th, 2017
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Photo from Facebook/ Shigeo Tokuda

Getting old is oftentimes associated with a decline in sex drive and sexual performance for men. But one 82-year-old Japanese porn star has defied the odds and has continued to “put on a show.”

As Japan’s pornography industry continues to thrive, veteran adult entertainer Shigeo Tokuda is still going strong and has continued to appear in around 60 erotic movies per year.

Still capable of rousing amorous affections from fans, this senior citizen began his career at the advanced age of 70, first appearing in a series of films called “Elderly”.

With over a decade of experience under his belt, Japan’s “king of elderly porn” shared the secrets to his unprecedented fountain of youth.

“People are always asking me about my perseverance, but I don’t do anything special,” he told The Sun. “That said, I do try to lead a proper lifestyle every day. If we’re talking about things that give you stamina, I eat eggs every day.”

He added: “I love rice topped with raw egg.”

Prior to entering the porn scene, Tokuda worked as a travel agent and even made gambling machines during his youth.

He entered the industry after meeting veteran director Henry Tsukamoto.

Still, Tokuda claimed he has “slowed down a bit” and will be involved in less films in the coming years.

“They say that your sex drive dwindles once you get old,” he admitted. “But I think it’s because you start to pay less attention to things, and I don’t mean just about women.”

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