What is happening to Boracay?

March 07th, 2017

Boracay was once revered by many as the perfect getaway; since it showcased a pristine, white sand shore and an endless horizon filled with crystal-clear water.

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But what was once the epitome of cleanliness and beauty has now turned green with algae!

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Since January, tourists have noticed the spread of algae on the shorelines.

Boracay residents have reasoned that the presence of algae is normal during the early months of the year; and that it will subside this coming Summer.

However, studies show that the algae formed may be a result of improper waste management and water pollutants.

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Until the island of Boracay improves its sanitation process, more and more algae may possibly emerge on the shores, in these coming years. This continued algal growth may cause bacteria to fester in the water, which can later cause skin irritation and sickness.

Maybe the next time you visit Boracay, do your part in helping the environment and don’t throw anything in the water!    

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Via Giphy


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