The internet takes sides over this guy who bought “wilted flowers” for 100 pesos

February 15th, 2017

ICYMI, netizens all over social media are taking different sides on a viral post about a guy who bought what is said to be “wilted flowers” for one hundred pesos — just so he can give it to his loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Every Valentine’s Day, giving flowers, chocolates, and other romantic gestures became a tradition to celebrate this special day with the people they love. And while some even go all the way spending thousands of money, there’s this guy who had to settle for four wilted roses because it’s the most affordable flowers for his budget.

According to a Facebook post by Giulia Singson Zahar, this guy is a Wilcon salesman (which she also said is a “janitor”) who hesitantly bought “wilted and ready-to-dispose” flowers for 100 pesos just so he have something to give to his loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Zahar said that it may have been just a hundred pesos for some, but to this guy, it “could have been for that bus ride, that jeepney ride, and one meal for the day.” This made some people commend the guy for his efforts and sacrifices just to make someone feel loved and special.

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However, some noted the inconsistencies on Zahar’s post and called her out for not looking at the other side of the story and for judging the seller of flowers without having enough basis.

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This even led to some commenting that Zahar’s story must have been “made up” for going into too much details without actually asking the guy and the seller. They also pointed out that Zahar could’ve helped the guy or at least took action for the “inequality” she witnessed.

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While it’s true that what the guy did is commendable for showing his love for someone in the best way he could this Valentine’s Day, it’s also true that sometimes, it’s best to be practical about certain things and realize that the essence of this day isn’t about flowers but the meaning behind these gestures — love.

Wilted or not, a bouquet or just a single piece of flower, what’s important is the love that comes with it and making someone feel they are loved everyday and not just on Valentine’s Day.

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