Twitter had a field day because of Jason Momoa and his bodyguards

February 02nd, 2017
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We all know Jason Momoa, right?

Jason Momoa



Khal Drogo


Most of us first met him as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, where we had our hearts broken after his demise and after we lost this:

moon of my life, my sun and stars... *sobs*

moon of my life, my sun and stars… *sobs* Via Giphy

Then he got cast as Aquaman in the latest Justice League film to be released by DC Comics in 2017, with an Aquaman film scheduled for 2018.




Via Giphy

Even if you didn’t know him before, these pictures alone show you one thing: he’s hella jacked. That is why when this picture of him and his bodyguards for his guesting at Jimmy Kimmel Live surfaced on the internet, Twitter just had to have fun with it. Look at them:


Jason Momoa


He’s jacked and tall, making his otherwise normal-sized bodyguards seem puny and, well, pointless.

Jason Momoa


Check out some of the funniest reactions people had to the photo:

Jason Momoa's bodyguards look like minibosses you have to beat before you can fight him. #KhalDrogo

— Daenerys Targaryen (@Daenerys) January 30, 2017

Being Jason Momoa's bodyguard must be an emasculating experience.

— John Fitzpatrick (@j_c_fitz) January 31, 2017

Jason momoa is so tall and jacked that sometimes it looks like he is body-guarding his bodyguards.

— Shahzeb Saleh Zada (@shahzebsalehzad) January 31, 2017

So many questions. Why does Jason Momoa need bodyguards? Shouldn't the body guards be at least as large as Jason Momoa?

— MeTweet (@MeTweetGrizz) January 28, 2017

"Mr. Momoa?"
"Ah, yes, I must be your new bodyguard."
"Actually, sir, we're your-"
"Don't worry, I'll keep you two safe."

— Jordan Newbrary (@Grizzly_Berry) January 28, 2017

@Grizzly_Berry @MicaBurton Those guys aren't bodyguards, they prevent people from getting their asses kicked and Momoa getting sued.

— James Renner (@maladesofmee) February 1, 2017



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