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Photographer dad captures his autistic son’s unique habits

© Image source https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7AGsMB9K02IGTe*xQUdAejlFDFmBgvgaG7o6a-Nmk4TdQRL2dMkMxZ7dDBDI-Xz*C3ArWW2X6ZT9RrLIUec3qG4/1082133301.jpeg
Eli, Archibald Timothy’s son, poses for their collaborative project, Echolilia. © Image source

The San Francisco-based photographer, Timothy Archibald, believed that photography enables him to discover the subjects he is interested in with the goal of “learning about them, humanizing them, and viewing them with the full range of human emotions they deserved.”

But Timothy Archibald is not only a photographer; he is also a father with a son who has autism.

When he noticed the diverse behavior his son has among other kids, and his deep desire to raise his child well, Timothy decided to come up with his personal project — Echolilia.

In this project he captured his son’s unique habits in every image and brought an opportunity for him not only to understand his son even more, but also to relate with him through photography.

This artistic and moving project Echolilia has already been turned in a book. Check out Timothy Archibald’s website for his other works and more information about him.

© Image source https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7Ct4zqZH-XhDlLa81k*hZtCC-IaRXr4b6qvYY-pe10CD1qPc1tcmr*PEwd52sOl-KpcU4C3-Bu0yRMgAKmuOTZ*/1082133368.jpeg
© Image source


© Image source https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7CzcHF7knh8ZB0AT5l8Li-8eIOIGrXrhhXMM3oCBaTmRm1Ix3-UIayrixN5bvOi*ciijcSOpIWIbPOc471Pvp91/1082133374.jpeg
© Image source


© Image source  https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7CQI-fZG2esked9kNe2zGn*OcfQyIfpqocb2rTlgMZF4Nc71dEy5ottMZsa4GyuYX17rH6-7h*PGQTWRXIFh2k5/1082133415.jpeg
© Image source 


© Image source https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7Alie99-jwIXPDnDhNXJgjY7dhaTaA-feFLO81XB0cDlwoQmzRF6m9aWCFufj2hRcDjc0G1iZ6Mk7urY5DfxO8q/1082133131.jpeg
© Image source


© Image source: https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7AgzTB0K*zU*Rx3shgsUwnj6zNu7XQ9Vki1nfDTCUpsZTUK*2GdWYZ0RtAxlfblHO3pLzaraR9XD1h2cdRZMIYh/1082133414.jpeg
© Image source


© Image source  https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7CZZpEFR0uqG4DtrCCSPYzWF0BfczbCcDXeolYsrCLK1-JHEOMQtEubeMo-yUP1e6xgHuE9R2TcOEPhWoOSXcZC/1082133399.jpeg
© Image source


© Image source https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7AwY5gnUDDJ9AnupZAP*7kxBnldeez4pQjphreZnbPh6dswSCtuyDhC9jKSUSb6L-5nhntqkcm-IK*DWeiRvV69/1082133291.jpeg
© Image source


© Image source https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7BLuS72ou2dfDJPXPlcppBH1HkgIYXafc0dmtMuL89T794AMggj4RWJP8yivh*hNBbcyC4wFdTjE6PD4Ilktf22/1082133385.jpeg
© Image source


© Image source https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7AwQ1TSXhs6LOKIJxexY*8mvc0h*3UMWUkoW10E9mJD*IHA9tyXfuvhpyg6y6jh4*p29Pd1SEpXQ8AetUkMa0tV/1082133396.jpeg
© Image source


© Image source https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7DtLGwviW3SCdtD6uWVOIVJx*b7nhSom8QzDZ6vmKbwwk1wW5kx76Y0MWGMPLxEd2-caRf-CZReJPcBmfNyepgG/1082133403.jpeg
© Image source


© Image source https://api.ning.com/files/DtcI2O2Ry7CisCj4dS5U9CAufI7QuyYNamudbFuuK0XMLKOQPvjN7be--EN*F819Si3T1BmOfKXguS1pDvJDrMoYtLWx1w26/1082133363.jpeg
© Image source

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