Parents learn what the best gift in the world is in this video

October 25th, 2016

The plot twist will make you go “awww.”

In an advertisement created by ad agency Publicis Brazil in celebration of Children’s month for Brazilian fast-food company, Habib’s, parents and their kids were unknowingly put to a test that made them realize what the best gift in the world is.

In the video, parents and their children were told that they were to test a new toy and was asked to leave their cellphones at the reception before going inside the waiting room. While waiting, parents bonded with their kids – reading books, playing, and just simply hanging out together even without any techy gadgets or toys present in the room.

As they were called for the test, parents along with their kids sat down to watch a video that surprised, touched them, and even made the parents teary-eyed as they were reminded that a new toy could never replace their moments together – and that, is the best gift in the world.

In the spirit of holiday season, what is the best gift in the world for you?

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