16 Reasons Why Earphones Are One of Our Most Prized Possessions

October 12th, 2016

“I can’t live, if living is without you…”

1. You feel like something’s not right without it.

accidentally forgetting your earphones

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2. It’s like, suddenly you hear everything that surrounds you.

Loud noises, hearing people talk

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3. From stories about people’s lives that you never wish to know…

Hearing stories

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“Si ano, sinugod daw ng asawa ni ano…”

Chandler, Friends

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4. …to hearing people’s actual breathing.

loud breathing

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5. Sometimes, listening to music with your earphones on is your way to tell people: “Busy ako.”


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6. Plugging in your earphones is basically your way to ignore the world.

The simpsons

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7. This “innovation” pisses you off.

iPhone 7

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RIP Jack


8. You focus more on your work when you’re listening to something.

Have your earphones on

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9. And when you’re listening to music and people try to talk to you:

When you have your earphones on

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10. You tend to be sleepy when you don’t have music pumping in your ears.

Falling asleep

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11. Earphones are so precious to you that you hate it so much when this happens:

Broken earphones

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13. This cute (and kinda disturbing) explanation why we always have to untangle the wires:

Kaya naman pala.


14. You use the songs to time your commute.

Using songs to time your commute

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I can’t be the only one!


15. You feel like you’re in your own zone when music plays in your ears:

Singing while listening to music

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Ganda ng boses ko, bes! #FeelNaFeel


16. Because once you put your earphones on and the music starts, your world gets “lit” and you feel more alive than ever!

Listening to music with your earphones

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