There’s a legit “Bring Your Dog to Work” day in Scotland and it’s definitely Paw-ntastic!

Every dog owner has experienced leaving their beloved pets at home whenever they go to work.

Via Giphy
Via Giphy

And despite their four-legged pal’s whimpers and pouts, these canine lovers must face the reality that they just can’t bring their dogs to the office.

Via Giphy
Via Giphy

Luckily for citizens of Scotland, there’s a special workday that allows them to bring their pets to the office and it’s called Bring Your Dog to Work Day!

Dog work office
Via Pixabay

On June 21, businesses throughout the city of Glasgow will allow employees to bring their tail-wagging BFFs with them to work.

Not only will these employees benefit from an extra set of paws in the workplace, but they will also get the chance to assist animal welfare organizations through donations.

By simply uploading a dog selfie and donating a small amount to, participants help out All Dogs Matter — an organization dedicated to re-housing neglected canines. A portion of the proceeds will also be given to Animals Asia — a company dedicated to protecting the lives of cats and dogs in China and Vietnam.    

Dog walking in offic
Via Giphy

Bring Your Dog to Work organizers further add that having a pet in the workplace can improve the overall environment and efficiency at the office. An organizer explains to the Evening Times: “Increased job satisfaction, team cooperation and morale have all been reported in employees that spend the workday with their pets.”

A day in the office can’t get any better than this. Hopefully, Bring Your Dog to Work Day will be an official workday here in the Philippines!    

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