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Celestial Bodies: A reminder from the universe

They say that when the stars align, everything is perfect. Everything is at peace. No one is fighting. The weather is not too cold or not too hot… And you would be with them.

But right now, the stars are scattered in the sky, as they always will be. Giant spheres of gas that were painted onto an inky black canvas by someone who didn’t really know when to stop. And you are alone, and they don’t even seem to care. But isn’t it that the stars are already beautiful as they are? Those shining lights in the far distance that seem like you could pluck them out of the sky if you reached far enough. The stars that send idle men to dream. 

“The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen.” This is what keeps everyone going. Deep down, the hope of finding the rose that they will do anything for is worth all the thorns and baobabs that will challenge them. 

The stars are a beautiful mess, and so are you

You, my dear, have the beauty of the stars and the complexity of the planets. Do not degrade yourself to anything less. Planets are giant enigmas, and the beauty of them is that once you have discovered something new about them, this will only make you want to know more. It is a privilege to have made your acquaintance. A single glance will be enough to keep you on somebody’s mind all day. For you to spare some of your time and share a few words with anyone, is enough to disprove all the theories of time and relativity, and make them question how time could fly so fast when they’re talking to you but be so slow when they aren’t. 

Hearts will be filled with only admiration for you. You have endless potential. We are all destined for greatness; it is simply up to us to take on the challenge. Just because your stars aren’t aligned, and you don’t know everything there is to know, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. 

When roaming the galaxy, you must remember never to settle for comets. They have a lot of energy, but in the end they will always leave. Comets are quite attractive, yes, but why waste your time and effort on something that just comes and goes when it feels like it? 

The galaxy is constantly expanding, giant blue planets bumping into gaseous red ones. The dark, cold, void spaces are filled with warmth, light, and the most dangerously beautiful thing of all: hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for a brighter tomorrow. Hope for a warmer tomorrow. Hope that one day you won’t be alone. But a word of caution to this tale, the hope that you gain may easily be lost. Either someone takes it, or you lose it, some never seem to find it ever again. 

Warning: beware of black holes! Black holes do nothing but take and take because that’s all they know how to do. They suck up all the light, hope, and love that come near them. But let’s try not to judge them too harshly, for all black holes were stars once. Stars that lost their purpose, stars that forgot how to love and how to hope. Please, just remember this: why would you allow yourself to become a black hole, something that is dark and brings other people down with it, when you can be something that gives hope and light, something that keeps people alive. 

As I said, the galaxy is constantly expanding. You must know that you are not, have never been, and never will be alone. You will collide with many different celestial bodies, some may remain constants in your life and some others may not, but the many things that you come across will help you out in one way or another. The things that you learn from those around you are what make you become who you are. And who knows… maybe one day you’ll meet your rose amongst the stars.



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