What comes after? DLSU EconOrg’s YEC explores the ‘Next’ normal

September 13th, 2021

Fortune favors the prepared. Pandemic challenges have been forced on people and industries, and we need more avenues to discuss new possibilities for growth, recovery, and sustainability. Moreover, what of the new challenges presented to us in the next normal? 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has shown the fragility in systems and institutions all over the globe. Challenges can not be tackled with just economy in mind, but with overarching, multidisciplinary lenses that capture the medical, social, economic, cultural, and even historical paradigms of this crisis. Although we have seen systemic adjustments to fight back, are these enough?

In line with this, the DLSU Economics Organization 19th Young Economists’ Convention organized the Young Economists’ International Convention, with the theme, “Planning for the Unthinkable: Re-envisioning Economics in the ‘Next’ Normal,” on September 4, 2021, 9AM to 12NN (Morning Session) and 1PM to 4PM (Afternoon Session).

next normal pandemic

Countries must re-envision certain strategies for hub growth and innovation’s relevance and productivity, especially within the global political, economic, social, and civic institutions. From this, the convention will hold fruitful discussions with leading field experts and researchers:

Atty. Daniel Hofileña spoke on the role of intellectual property in the post-pandemic world. Meanwhile, Mr. Shankar Venkateswaran shed light on the role of the private sector in promoting a sustainable and resilient post-pandemic world through their business models and their investments.

Distinguished, internationally-acclaimed panelists discussed on how the Philippines can bridge inequalities in the post-pandemic labor market, and how the Philippines can prepare for future shocks.

The event gathered almost 700 delegates from all over the country, and earned much praise from its speakers and panelists. Next year, the Young Economists’ Convention organizing committee hopes to not only sustain this momentum, but further develop it.

Proceeds from the event registration will go to the renowned research institute: the DLSU Angelo King Institute (DLSU-AKI).


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