Listen to these translated English songs before Buwan ng Wika ends

August 31st, 2021

Buwan ng Wika is a time to celebrate our national language’s heritage. It is a chance to recognize and appreciate not only Filipino but also the numerous unique dialects across the country. Language is a part of everybody’s everyday life, we would be lost without it. 

Another major part of one’s day-to-day routine is music. Music has a way of taking words and making them mean so much more. 

A channel on YouTube has collated some of the classic Tagalog covers of DJ Sundalong Bata and Ms. Ganda. There isn’t much info about these artists online, although we do know that they were able to make early 2000’s bangers their own by translating them into Filipino. 

You may faintly recall hearing these covers through the soundwaves of early 2000’s radio. These songs do not only provide a rush of nostalgia but also a sense of pride in the artist’s ability of translating the songs from English to Filipino and hearing how the songs work using our country’s own words. 

The translations definitely add a little extra something something to these classic bops. 

Their covers include:  

Sugat sa Puso (Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis) 


Payong (Umbrella by Rihanna)


Sa’yo (With You by: Chris Brown) 


Lampa (Clumsy by: Fergie)


Lawlaw (Low by Flo Rida) 


August should not be the only time we truly appreciate our very own Pambansang Wika. Listen to these songs any day of the year and jam out! Of course, let’s not forget that we also have our very own colorful and ever-expanding local music scene as well. 

Happy Buwan ng Wika!


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