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Ukraine airline revamps fashion history for flight attendants

For as long as we can remember, flight attendants have been one of the most prim suited professionals with their tight-fitting pencil skirts and high heels. But the time of change has come for Ukraine’s biggest low-cost airline, SkyUp, as they create a comfortable ensemble for female stewardesses named ‘SkyUp Champions’. 

The airline collaborated with GUDU, a Ukrainian fashion brand, to style the new dress code that “reflects the spirit of modernity and is based on the idea of movement”, coming with loose-fitting trouser suits in tangerine and ergonomic sneakers for comfortability.

'SkyUp Champions'

via SkyUp Airlines

The female stewardesses have the option to top the pantsuit off with a light trench coat carefully made in Italian leather or a GUNIA Project silk handkerchief poshed up with a traced map pattern. 

While protocols on hair and make-up are still mandatory, there will be a major shift on these details as well. From tight low buns, the hostesses may now sport their image with weave hairstyles that presupposes natural-looking makeup, emphasizing the eyes with sunset-like shades of orange and blue. Backstage Beauty & Fresh developed these delicate gradients with respect to the airline’s signature colors. 

The cherry on top is the bright orange suitcase from Have a Rest’s limited collection.

'SkyUp Champions'

via SkyUp Airlines

“During this period, a lot has changed, and most importantly, a woman has changed. It requires a new vision of the profession… And now we are initiating these changes,” the airline wrote on their Facebook page

Needless to say, more than revamping the style and envisioning comfort for the female cabin crews, SkyUp Airlines pronounced an impactful statement against social norms through this ‘SkyUp Champions’. 

Not anytime soon, but hopefully, it won’t take long either for airlines in the Philippines to foster this revolutionary change.


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