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Ayn Bernos dropped enough hints about joining Miss Universe Philippines 2021

Way before the Miss Universe Philippines organization released their official list of delegates this year, Ms. Ayn Bernos, the famous Tiktoker behind the clothing brand Morena the Label, has been dropping enough hints that she applied for the most-awaited beauty pageant in the country.

According to the 26-year old aspirant, she would always stay up late to witness major pageants and she “looked up to these beauty queens.”

“I have so much respect for them. I admired them so much and I’ve always wanted to be like them,” she continued, adding that despite being a huge fan it is almost impossible for her to join because of the traditional height standard in beauty contests.


Promise fulfilled. We have a long way to go. 🇵🇭

♬ original sound – Ayn Bernos / IG: @aynbernos – Ayn Bernos / IG: @aynbernos

However, this year the Miss Universe Philippines organization surprised many Filipinos by breaking the archaic height requirement of the competition. This decision overwhelmed a lot of aspirants to the pageant crown, including Ayn Bernos herself.

“Magic words for me. I applied on the spot, I dropped everything, sent in my application that day,” she exclaimed.

Prior to her “explanation” video, people online had all along been waiting and encouraging her to enter the contest, clueless that Ayn had already put her 5-foot-3 self in this “many years in the making” pageant dream.

Perhaps the most obvious hint was when she posted a video of herself with a caption “I see your tags”, but she certainly did not give any statement confirming her presence in the beauty pageant.

And this stunned each fan and seriously, how did we not notice every piece of hint she dropped?’

Whatever the answer is, I’ll just drop the hints here to see them yourself.


Bakit hindi? 😌 #motivationph #tiktokskwela #learnontiktok #dailyreminder

♬ original sound – Ayn Bernos / IG: @aynbernos – Ayn Bernos / IG: @aynbernos


Nakakita lang po ako ng hallway

♬ оригинальный звук – 캐서린


Reply to @princessanime00 pasarela practice JK

♬ Build a B*tch – Bella Poarch


Confident then, confident now. Goodluck, Ayn Bernos!



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