The show goes on with Frosh Welcoming 2021: Frosh In the Limelight

June 08th, 2021

For most people, entering college is a terrifying and an overwhelming experience; but for some, it can be the start of something new. Every college student would face a multitude of questions that cannot simply be answered, problems with more complex solutions, and thoughts of the future that grow from a thought into one’s reality.

In keeping with tradition, Frosh Welcoming 2021 will be patterned towards a Lasallian’s drive to direct a show, and to bring to the stage the stories of a typical frosh, who’s thirst for knowledge leads them to unveil their maximum potential. This event will give the incoming freshmen something to remember on their first foray into college life as the limelight of the show. To welcome the lead characters of this event, the ID 121 can expect exciting games, interact with their fellow batchmates and upperclassmen, win extraordinary prizes, and watch mind-blowing performances!


Make sure to get your front-row tickets as we dive into the Organization Spotlight on June 19, a space where you and your fellow batchmates can get to know each other and get a glimpse of student life in the university.

Thinking about how to adjust to university life? Don’t fret because we’ve got you covered! Frosh Welcoming 2021 will offer you important tips on how to help you kickstart your frosh journey. Through the contribution of the Lasallian community, a helpful guide on how to fully maximize your time in De La Salle University on AnimoSpace, our official learning management system, was created.

Through these efforts, we hope to spark the passion to learn and possess the values of a true Lasallian. Frosh Welcoming 2021: a place where you can shine the brightest.

The stage is yours, Lasallians!

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