LiveLeak, the internet’s home of graphic videos, goes dark after 15 years

May 12th, 2021

To the fans of horror and the macabre, we hope this piece of news doesn’t distress you even further. 

LiveLeak, a British video-sharing platform known for hosting morbid videos on the internet, has stopped operations after 15 years. This was announced by founding member Hayden Hewitt last Wednesday, May 5, 2021, who also revealed a new video-sharing platform. 

In his message, Hewitt mentioned that the team behind LiveLeak felt that the website had “achieved what it could” and that it was time for them to start a different path. 

“The world has changed a lot over these last few years, the Internet alongside it, and we as people. I’m sat here now writing this with a mixture of sorrow because LL has been not just a website or business, but a way of life for me and many of the guys but also genuine excitement at what’s next.” 

Hewitt revealed a brand-new video-sharing platform called ‘ItemFix’, which he described as “something completely different, completely fresh, and something we feel energized about tackling.” ItemFix is much like its predecessor, but instead of allowing users to upload any kind of media, it bans anything that has “excessive violence or gory content.”

Anyone visiting LiveLeak’s website will now be redirected to

Infamous for hosting horrifying and gruesome content since 2006, LiveLeak became a haven for those interested in such content. With its tagline, “Redefining the Media,” the now defunct video-sharing website aimed to host real footage of world events and to promote citizen journalism it has since been affiliated with videos of murder, terrorism, and daily acts of violence.

LiveLeak shutdown

Via Reddit

LiveLeak shutdown

Via Reddit

This shutdown of the infamous website follows the footsteps of Ogrish and BestGore, which were former websites hosting similar content. Ogrish closed down on the date LiveLeak went online, and BestGore recently went offline in November 2020. 



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