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Fans praise Nadine Lustre for supporting small business owners

April 20th, 2021

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A small business owner went viral after sharing on TikTok her experience with high-profile celebrity Nadine Lustre, in which the actress messaged her to inquire about purchasing one of her products.

According to Danica Gonzaga, owner of eco-friendly small business ‘A to Zero Waste’, Lustre found her shop through Lauren, James Reid’s sister, who spoke highly of their kitchen tools. The actress then asked how to purchase Danica’s products.

@allaboutdanicaPart 1. Wag masyado negative please 👋🏼 Watch nyo muna ibang part ng Video 👌🏼♬ original sound – Danica Catalig-Gonzaga

Gonzaga expressed her amazement at how Lustre, one of the country’s most sought-after celebrities, helps small businesses by actually purchasing from them and promoting them on social media. Danica said she wanted to give the products to the actress for free, but Nadine was hesitant to accept the offer because she wanted to support the business. 

@allaboutdanica❤️ Hi Ms. @nadinelustre ☀️ #fyp #ecofriendly #smallshop #businessowner #foryou #nadinelustre #supportsmall♬ original sound – Danica Catalig-Gonzaga

When Lustre received the products from Gonzaga, she posted it to her Instagram story to promote ‘A to Zero Waste’.

Nadine Lustre A to Zero Waste

via A to Zero Waste

There really was no need for Lustre to post and tag the shop on her Instagram page, but she did so anyway–which led to the business getting a lot of support and page follows from her fans.

Avid fans of Nadine Lustre made a thread on Twitter, calling on Filipino influencers to support small businesses by buying from them instead of asking for free products.

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