GFriend’s Sowon blasted for posing with Nazi soldier mannequin

February 05th, 2021

K-Pop idol Sowon has been getting criticism for posting flirty photos with a mannequin dressed in a Nazi uniform.

Stans were disappointed to see how the GFriend leader could be so ignorant and insensitive in her actions. The photos were taken on the set of a music video shoot at a cafe in Paju. The post has been deleted since receiving backlash.

Their label, Source Music, recently made a statement on behalf of Sowon apologizing for the controversy. They clarified that they had outsourced a production company for the shoot, and the people on set did not notice an issue with the mannequin.

Source Music further admitted to their lack of foresight, “We apologize for not being able to confirm in advance that there were inappropriate props on the shooting site, not being able to thoroughly inspect the content during the shooting and uploading process, and not paying close attention to historical facts and social issues.”

But some people weren’t exactly quick to accept their apology. Twitter users have expressed that they are expecting Sowon to come out with a personal apology regarding the matter.

On the other hand, fans have been coming to Sowon’s defense and stating that the cafe should also be held accountable. Many have also claimed that the curriculum in Korean education does not cover the holocaust, which would explain why she would be ignorant on the issue. However, that’s still up for debate since others have stated otherwise.


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