NCCA caught under scrutiny for insensitive ‘Nazi-style’ pose

January 26th, 2021

The National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) was recently met with a barrage of criticisms after a problematic photo emerged from their official social media page.

In their now deleted post, the representatives were seen posing with a familiar “Heil Hitler” salute from Nazi Germany. For a government agency founded on cultural heritage, you would think that they’d be able to connect the dots. The Philippines is even known to have opened its doors in the past for Jewish refugees during the Nazi persecution in 1934.


The photos were taken to document an online talk show, discussing cultural trends and Filipino artists. Unfortunately, the hosts appeared to have chosen a distasteful and culturally insensitive gesture. Internet users were dumbfounded by how something as obvious as a Neo-Nazi salute would go over their heads, especially when NCCA officials are expected to be well versed in history. The government agency responded to the criticism by clarifying that it was not their intention.

We are in no way encouraging or harboring Neo-Nazi beliefs /practices in the Commission. Following the comments on our earlier post, which we have already taken down, we will rethink of another hand gesture that better show our intent of moving forward.

— NCCA PH (@NCCAOfficial) January 24, 2021

NCCA was met with even more judgement when they failed to at the very least apologize. Filipinos on Twitter replied to the thread to give their two cents — questioning the qualifications of the NCCA representatives.

Wala na ba kayo ibang maisip? Mag-hire kasi kayo ng mga magagaling. sayang buwis sa inyo! 🤦🏻

— Tiyong Go🐵🤳🏾 (@TiyongGo) January 24, 2021

And you really didn't think this hand gesture would be ambiguous,to say the least? Come on…

— Ronan (@RonanInManila) January 24, 2021

Seriously unbelievable. There's probably 10 of you in that room. Not even one of you checked (QA'd) your photo before you posted it?! It's irresponsible and downright deplorable.

— Wenggee (@W3NGderlust) January 24, 2021

"We will rethink another hand gesture" Hindi niyo naisip yan nung simula palang??? 😑

— Martin Rules #JunkTerrorLaw #OustDuterteNow (@MartinRuless) January 24, 2021

Thinking seems to be hard thing to do for these people nowadays.

Mahirap pag maikli ang utak.

— OC Palanca (@OPalanca) January 26, 2021

Every sector of this government be like… 🙃

— SemperFi (@5emperfi) January 25, 2021

Ano ang educational requirement for NCCA officials? Grade one?

— inday espina varona (@indayevarona) January 25, 2021



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