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Dog missing for 3 weeks finds owner working in supermarket

December 06th, 2020

A dog caused a commotion when she entered a supermarket in the United States — but as it turns out, she was on a mission.

When a black-and-white dog, Abby, strolled into a Walmart in Alabama on Nov. 28, staff tried to usher her out. She had no collar, leash or service dog vest, customer service associate Danielle Robinette observed, as per Dothan Eagle on Nov. 30.

Unknown to staff and customers, Abby had escaped her home three weeks ago, which is 1.7 miles from the store. Her owner, June Rountree, happened to be working at the said store that day. Rountree rescued Abby, a 4-year-old lab-pitbull mix, when she was a year old.

According to Robinette, Abby kept looking up at people’s faces, as if she was looking for someone. Rountree was working as a cashier when she noticed that the dog who had everyone’s attention was Abby.

“I was just in shock. I looked down at her and I couldn’t believe it,” she said in the report.

Once Abby saw her human, she immediately went to her, and Rountree embraced her while in tears.

Robinette shared the miraculous reunion on Facebook last Nov. 29, showing Abby secured with a leash that Rountree held.

Initially, Rountree was at a loss for words. When she was able to speak, she explained that Abby had gone missing on Nov. 8 after she got out of her collar while in their backyard. She and her husband had been searching for her in their neighborhood and checked the local animal shelter too, to no avail.

Abby finally went home during Rountree’s lunchbreak. She was welcomed by the cashier’s other dog, a Chiweenie named Coco. After weeks out roaming, Abby went to sleep on her dog bed. JB


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