FIFA 21’s new roster of celebrity characters identified

November 25th, 2020

FIFA 21 will surely bring more excitement for gamers as it is set to bring more celebrity faces into their character roster in the upcoming PC update.

As everyone knows, nothing stays hidden in the internet. For FIFA’s case, some data miners found a new PC update stating that Giannis Antekokounmpo, Joel Embiid, and Dua Lipa are among those set to be added as celebrity playable characters in the game.

Data miner Blade Johnson has recently posted on Twitter some updates from uncovered PDFs that allows gamers to unlock some of their favorite celebrity idols when they’re in FIFA 21’s street football mode or VOLTA League. The line up will be joined by pop stars Dua Lipa and DJ Snake, along with Formula one racers Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo, Baltimore Raven’s Lamar Jackson and a few more others.


PDF version:

— Blade Johnson (@bladejohnson112) November 12, 2020

If that’s not exciting enough, check out Dua Lipa in a leaked FIFA21 footage:

Dua Lipa in the new #FIFA21 update! (via @miniyoung48)

— Dua Lipa News (@dlipanews) November 14, 2020


It is also rumored that the former Real Madrid and Manchester United midfielder David Beckham will join the rosters under team ICON with three different versions of his character – complete with different stats and face transformations all throughout his long career.

Although the date as to when the rest of the updates will happen is still unclear, we can already expect eager fans, especially after seeing the tremendous attention to detail given to Dua Lipa’s character.

EA have added Dua Lipa to FIFA 21 and given her a face scan while Mason Greenwood still looks like this…

— Callum🔴 (@CaIIumUTD) November 12, 2020


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