Celebrating World Teachers’ Day amid the pandemic crisis

October 05th, 2020

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Songs of paean, bouquet of flowers, notes of appreciation, array of gifts, or simple act of gestures may be given to our second parent and to the persons who touch our lives in one way or another as we commemorate World Teachers’ Day which propelled on the theme, “ Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession.”

But these supposed presents will not be given personally to our modern- day heroes, our teachers, hence; they are plagued with unexpected uncertainties. Aggravating to their plight, this pandemic crisis has tested their resilience and mettle. It has pushed beyond their limits and expectations.

Can we still say that that the teachers are our modern- day heroes? Is teaching still a noble profession nowadays?

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Sadly, our second parents have experienced perennial problems like being considered one of the hardest workers and not well compensated. In fact, they were promised that their wages will be doubled way back 2016. But the President himself, conceded this promise considering that the government doesn’t have enough funds. Moreover, according to the Department of Education, there are an estimated 900,000 public school teachers nationwide.

It’s a good thing that President Duterte signed the Salary Standardization Law (SSL) which provided government workers a pay hike. Unfortunately, the Teacher’s Day Coalition said that they were dismayed because it was far from what they expected. At least, something has been done over nothing at all.

Secretary Leonor Briones reiterated that teaching is not all about money. Probably, this is easier said than done. This might be applicable to all those teachers who are still single or to those whose spouses are financially stable. But how about the sole breadwinner in the family who have hungry mouths to feed and to be supported?

Can the teachers still say that teaching is not all about money? Instead, tell them that they should live within their means. Reportedly, many teachers have fallen prey to the loan sharks that made their financial matters even worse.

And let them realize the line taken from the poem, Desiderata, which conveys the message about comparing ourselves to others. “If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

This line speaks for itself. It’s a matter of being contented. Then, maybe they can learn to love their work even more without feeling the insecurities and inferiorities.

Adding to their predicament, they are experiencing the challenging tasks this time because of this contagion. As a matter of fact, some teachers have lost their source of income because some private schools have been suspended or closed.

Moreover, teaching this time is a very crucial one since face to face classes are still prohibited. Imagine the midnight candles being burned, the triple efforts being exerted and money being spent just to give us the quality education.

Some teachers may even make impossible things possible in order to respond to this greatest call: writing and editing modules, being innovative in recording lectures and searching for educational sources, climbing mountain just to look for internet connection, traversing dilapidated roads and crossing rivers to deliver the modules to the learners.

This celebration is very timely to honor the teaching profession and to shed light the current issues faced by them.

Instead of bashing, underestimating and maligning them let’s be grateful for all their sacrifices they have exerted. Definitely, teaching is and will be a noble profession whatever it takes. They are our one of the modern- day heroes in our society who deserve to be respected.

Even Jesus is a teacher himself. Let’s set aside our apathy and indifference to them.

This challenging time may hinder us to give all those presents but there is one gift that we can give to them: prayer. Let’s offer our prayer to them that they will be given enough courage to face their daily tasks. May the Lord give them a pink of health especially that the future of our generation lies in them.

May they have enough patience to continue this noble profession and may their passion be ignited so they can continue to be the purveyor of good values.

Let’s all be thankful to the private sectors, benevolent donors and to the Department of Education for doubling their initiative to enhance their welfare.

Even though we are beleaguered by this mysterious virus but it doesn’t mean that we will not celebrate this significant occasion. Amid this pandemic crisis, nothing can stop us to acknowledge the significant role of our dear teachers.

To you Ma’am and Sir, a million thanks for molding us to become a better person. Happy Teacher’s Day. Kudos to all of you!


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