Woman’s BF ate KitKat the ‘wrong way’ and people want her to break it off with him

Sometimes, there are rules you can’t break. Especially when it comes to “breaking” a KitKat.

Weekly Standard reporter Haley Byrd recently shared a photo of how her boyfriend took a massive bite across all the four bars of KitKat, and many felt like it’s an abomination to mankind. People on Twitter were baffled by her boyfriend eating the chocolate bar the “wrong way.”

According to Byrd, her boyfriend said he had never eaten the chocolate-covered wafer bar before (which is kinda sad, tbh). But the fact that he doesn’t know how to “properly” eat them when years of marketing campaign told us to “Have a break, have a KitKat,” is a deal breaker for some.

Interestingly, there are a few who defended the guy and said it’s actually how it should be and how they are packaged.

But others were simply not having it and were curious if the said boyfriend was committing any other “food crimes.”

Even the dictionary chimed in with a definition of “break off.”

Some also shared similar stories that will make you weep for humanity.

Eventually, KitKat stepped in and ended the discussion with a step by step instructions.

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