People are microwaving tin foil to make a shiny ball because the internet said they can

It seems like there’s always a new trend online that will make you realize that the internet really isn’t a safe place for gullible and curious people. There’s the “tide pod challenge” where people bite into laundry soap, the “dying inside challenge” where two people dance while driving, and the “hot coil challenge” where they intentionally burn themselves — all because it’s a trend and the internet says they can.

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Now, there’s yet another dangerous trend that people are trying out. They’re now microwaving balled-up tin foils to make a shiny ball, and for heaven’s sake, these people need guidance in their lives.

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It started with a viral tweet that says you can transform the foil into a shiny ball when you microwave it for 3 minutes.

Some people even “confirmed” the tweet and claimed that it actually works.

Those who got intrigued by the tweet just had to see it to believe it. And let’s just say, what started out as something “cool” ended up being lit AF — literally!

The truth is, the photos from the viral tweet above are from a tweet of a Japanese user who made a shiny ball out of tin foils — not by microwaving it, but by spending hours hammering it into a sphere and polishing it with sandpaper.

There are also Japanese shows and vlogs that show how it’s done.

Unlike food that absorbs the electric waves that heats it up, putting metals like aluminium foil in a microwave will lead to electrical sparks and will cause damage to the microwave as it reflects the electric waves rather than absorb it. Microwaving a ball of tin foil will not smoothen it and make it shiny. Instead, it might catch fire and potentially blow up your microwave in extreme cases.

People need stop spreading these hoaxes online and others need to stop believing and trying everything they see on the internet. Come on guys, it’s 2018!

Please don’t ever do these stupid things that you’ll only regret after. And if you ever see these crazy challenges online, please educate people about it instead of joining the bandwagon. These trends seriously make us all want to just…

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