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Lifehouse frontman Jason Wade reflects on the story and origins of hit song ‘You And Me’

Renowned for his emotive lyrics and soulful voice, Jason Wade stands as the driving force behind Lifehouse’s monumental success. From their breakout single “Hanging by a Moment” to their chart-topping hits, Wade’s artistry has woven a profound connection with fans worldwide.

As the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of this American rock band, Wade’s journey began in high school when he formed Lifehouse. Since then, the band’s fusion of alternative rock, post-grunge, and pop elements has captivated audiences, solidifying their place in modern rock history.

In an exclusive interview with POP!, Jason Wade promised a transformative experience for fans as he returns to the Philippines on June 1st for an intimate acoustic performance at the New Frontier Theater.

Interview with Jason Wade
Exclusive interview with Jason Wade (Photo Credit: SuperAwesome)

Reflecting on his last visit, Wade expressed his excitement to reconnect with Filipino fans, describing them as some of the band’s most devoted supporters globally. “I’m just excited to go and have an intimate experience with, who I think are some of our best fans in the world, honestly. I don’t even say that lightly, they just are.” Jason explained. With Steve agreeing he said, “It’s true! We gotta give it back to you.”

Joined by his partner in the indie project OZWALD and Lifehouse’s main guitarist, Steve Stout, Wade emphasized the unique energy of Filipino crowds and their profound appreciation for the band’s music. As they prepare for the upcoming show, Wade and Stout reminisced about their journey as both bandmates and recording partners, labeling both Lifehouse’s and OZWALD’s music as timeless and retro.

With anticipation building and gratitude for their Filipino fans, Jason Wade and Steve Stuat eagerly await the opportunity to share an unforgettable musical experience once again.

One of the eagerly awaited hits during this concert is the timeless anthem “You and Me” from the Lifehouse album “Lifehouse” released in 2005.

Jason’s personal connection to this song is nothing short of remarkable. Reflecting on its origins, he recounted a heartfelt tale from the 90s when he proposed to his now-wife at Disneyland, presenting her with “You and Me” on a humble cassette tape. Little did they know, this intimate moment would evolve into their cherished song and resonate with audiences worldwide.

“When you’re writing a song, just make it real, and if you really mean it, people will feel the emotion behind the song. ‘You and Me’ is always going to be a special song for me,” Jason shared.

As the two were cleaning around their studio one day, Jason stumbled upon the original cassette tape used in the proposal. Excitedly, he exclaimed, “Like Indiana Jones, we crawled back there and we went through the cassette tapes, and we are going to put it out. The original cassette tape.”

To prepare for the concert Jason and Steve have begun rehearsing in their garage, aiming to transform their band’s heavy songs into acoustic renditions that “you could sing without blowing your voice out,” as per Jason.

As they both try to navigate the intricacies of assembling the set and envisioning the stage for one of their first acoustic and intimate shows, they prioritize delving deep into the lyrics and emotions of the songs, making sure that the soul of their music is still there despite all the changes. Jason and Steve expressed their desire to reimagine everything in a fresh and innovative way that resonates differently with the audience. “The song is still there—how do I sing it and play it and still get the chills and still feel like what people are feeling? So that’s what we’re really trying to accomplish,” Jason explained.

Steve shared their enthusiasm for exploring these familiar songs in a new light, even after performing them live countless times, expounding further how far the possibilities of their music can stretch. “You’re kind of like in a circus at a certain point, where you’re doing your moves, and you know your marks,” Steve remarks.

Steve even began to reflect on his journey from being a fan of Lifehouse to joining the band, he found excitement in revamping old songs and discovering new perspectives. “I was a fan before I joined the band, and there were songs like we had performed for the first time, there were these huge songs where I had never sung in the chorus of that, so I had no idea what the words were,” Steve explains. Figuring out these details for himself has given him a fresh understanding of the songs’ meanings and their significance to the band. “It seems silly, but it brings such new meaning to me,” he concludes.

In other news! OZWALD and Zild?

When asked about the possibility of collaborating with Filipino artists, Jason responded with, “I’m more interested in who wants to collaborate with us! I mean, I’m down for it.” Considering the prospect of collaborating with Filipino artist Zild, both Jason and Steve quipped, “You’d think he’d wanna come to our show and watch us play?” Their banter continued, joking about their age and whether Zild would actually enjoy collaborating with them. “As long as he likes what we do, he might be like ‘I don’t like those guys’,” Jason remarked, with Steve adding, “He might be like ‘I don’t know about that’,” as they chuckled together.

So far, Jason and Steve have been excitedly planning what they have in store for their fans. With approximately four singles already released from Jason’s latest solo record, “A Likely Story,” he aims to include as many singles as possible in this EP. His goal is to have the vinyl version of the EP ready before Christmas.

Additionally, they have launched a members-only subscription-based platform called “The Time Machine” by OZWALD, Jason and Steve’s indie side project, on their self-built record label website, ALLSWELL RECORDS. This platform allows fans exclusive access to live tours of Lifehouse records, some of which have never been released to the public, including acoustic performances and a few demos not available on mainstream platforms like YouTube and Spotify. Subscribers will also be the first to hear early releases of Jason and Steve’s music before they are made available to the public, offering them a sneak peek ahead of time.

Get to see Jason Wade deliver an intimate acoustic experience live in Manila this June 2024 at the New Frontier Theater, presented by Playback Music Festival.

Jason wade


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