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SNH48’s Xiaoai reveals relationship with fellow member Lu Xinyi, exposes ex-lover’s ‘affair’ with another idol

In a Weibo post, SHN48 member, Shen Xiaoai, made a shocking revelation involving her past relationship with co-member Lu Xinyi. In the post, Xiaoai made a public letter to her ex-lover Lu Xinyi upon knowing the real reason behind their sudden break-up involving her having a secretive relationship with another group member Wang Yuchen. All of these were revealed to Shen Xiaoai by going through Lu Xinyi’s private messages.

Shen Xiaoai (Photo Credit: SNH48)
Shen Xiaoai (Photo Credit: SNH48)
Wang Yuchen (Photo Credit: SNH48)
Wang Yuchen (Photo Credit: SNH48)
Lu Xinyi
Lu Xinyi (Photo Credit: SNH48)

In the released statement, Shen Xiaoai told how she exactly found out the real reason behind the constant quarrel that had been going on throughout the course of their relationship and how chat records became solid evidence of what really happened between her and Lu Xinyi:

Weibo post
Screengrab from Weibo

English translation:

“We were together for 2.5 years but she was having an emotional affair towards the end of the relationship. You hid our relationship from your partner at the very start.

We agreed we wouldn’t be partners for this year’s Best Partners competition. One reason being the fact that I’ll be graduating soon. Another reason being the fact that for the past two years, we had arguments while working as partners. We promised each other that, since we’ve partnered up for so long, we would do it separately for one year.

I’ll be graduating next year, so you could partner up with someone new. However, for the Best Partners competition, there are many things that can’t be controlled.

The unacceptable thing is, for the past month, you used the excuse of ‘getting to know your partner better, for work’ in order to chat with your partner from morning until bed time everyday. You two even played games after I’ve gone to bed and wore couple bracelets without telling me.

We’ve argued about this everyday with no signs of stopping.”

— Xiaoai

She provided further details about the affair, stating that the other party involved suspected their relationship, but Xinyi denied it.

weibo post 2
Screengrab from Weibo

English translation:

“Your partner actually had suspicions about us from the beginning, that’s why she’s asked you 4 times about our relationship.

Your response has always been ‘friend, roommate.’

So one day, your partner asked you to invite me along for a meal. To not make things awkward for you two, I pretended nothing was wrong, chatted with another friend, and sat in the front passenger seat.

One time, when we went to a groupmate’s place for a meal, you two went on a live broadcast right in front of me. I endured the heartache I felt and did a live broadcast beside you two, while looking at you two being close together and doing your live broadcast.

After the broadcast, she rested on your shoulder. I couldn’t hold back and messaged you, ‘Do you two have to lean on each other even after the broadcast?’

You picked up your phone but didn’t respond to my message. Instead, you messaged your partner and asked why she wasn’t saying anything. I only realized this when I saw the chat logs later on.

Even though all of this tolerance eventually led to things spiraling out of control, I really couldn’t bring myself to say, ‘I’m not okay with this, could you two not do this in front of me?’ to you two’s face.

Then we started arguing about things like this all the time.We said our goodbyes. The reason you gave me was that I didn’t console you and stay by your side enough when you got laughed at and were in a bad mood; instead, I just argued with you endlessly. You couldn’t stand days like this, so you decided to leave me.

Later, I reflected upon myself and thought maybe I really shouldn’t have done such things. Maybe I should’ve coaxed you. Maybe I really gave you too much pressure.

So, in the few days after saying our goodbyes, I kept coaxing you and held you close to me while sleeping on the same bed. But you messaged her and told her you’ll sleep after she gets back.”

Despite not wanting to end the relationship, Xiaoai discovered ‘sweet’ conversations between Xinyi and Yuchen.

“On April 1, before going to school, you hugged me tightly and said, ‘Let’s not fight. Let’s not break up, okay?’ But everything changed on April 3. On the day when you went to pick up your partner at the airport, I looked at all of your chat logs on the iPad. I only realized then that you started having an emotional affair a long while ago. When you were touring in Beijing, you asked her if she would accompany to Beijing. We hadn’t started arguing back then. Where was I living? Did you think about me? I wouldn’t have found out if I hadn’t looked at the chat logs. When we broke up, we made a promise that if you two break things off, then I would never mention any of this again. I never imagined that even after your partner found out about our relationship, you still didn’t keep the promise. Those pages of lovey-dovey chat logs. All those pages of daily sharing from morning until late at night. It was only then I realized I made a clown of myself,” she continued.

In addition to his original post, Shen Xiaoai also said that Lu Xinyi can deny or even lie about this, but she allegedly has proof that will show how she had been long neglected by her ex-girlfriend in favoring Wang Yuchen.

Betrayal and anger are the most evident emotions that Shen Xiaoai is feeling right now, and with massive support behind her, fans are calling out for the attention of the two parties involved in the issue with the goal of making them explain their sides of the story.

SHN48 is a Chinese idol girl group based in Shanghai, China which holds “idols you can meet” concept. Inspired by AKB48’s concept, SHN48 features dozens of young women who perform regularly in their theater and connect with fans through events like handshake meetings and concerts.


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