These tailor-made pants for fried chicken lovers is the “thigh part” we all need

Japan never ceases to amaze us with everything they come up with. From their advanced technology that wow the whole world, to really weird TV shows that will either make you say “WTF” or “Only Japan can do this!”

This time, they’re taking over fashion trends again and giving us a very Japan-worthy item. Japanese Twitter user k_kazu_magi shared photos of what looked like fried chicken drumstick pants and it’s fast becoming the next fashion trend!

The strange-looking yet enticing pants—available at major Japanese commerce site Rakuten, in case you’re interested— caught the attention of fried chicken lovers. “All I can think about when I look at these pants… is KFC,” k_kazu_magi tweeted.

The pants were probably not intentionally made to make to those who wear it look like a walking drumstick, but it reminded the internet of a whole lot of things!

Like these plastic toy chickens that are just like us—SHOOKT!


What we all really think of when we look at these pants:


Maybe it wasn’t really meant to look like a fried chicken after all.


Some think that these trousers may have been inspired by a Studio Ghibli film…


…a Pokemon character.


Or is fashion just going back in time again?


Still, give me that thigh part—I mean, pants, because fried chicken is life y’all!

via Tenor

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