Elmo Magalona’s single Kay Dali hits #2 spot on iTunes charts

Elmo Magalona is finally starting to lay claim to his birthright.

As the son of OPM Icon, and King of Rap Francis Magalona, a lot of people have come to expect so much from Elmo, which is why he has slowly been biding his time, learning from other musicians, working with other singers as he methodically and meticulously works on his first solo album.

Fans got a teaser of what to expect from his upcoming album with the release of the digital single “Kay Dali.” The song quickly rose to the top of the charts and peaked as the #2 most downloaded song on iTunes this month.

“Kay Dali” is upbeat, easy to listen to and very relatable because it’s all about love—love at first sight to be more specific—which is really a unique and unforgettable feeling,” described Elmo.

The star of the hit TV series “Born For You” says “Kay Dali” likewise serves as a teaser of what his fans can expect from his soon to be released album under Universal Records.

“Having a solo album has been a dream of mine ever since I started performing five years ago. But I wanted to wait for the right time, to have enough experience, so I could come up with an album that is really worth buying and listening to over and over again.”

Elmo said the album will reflect a lot of his musical influences—from international pop artists such as Justin Beiber to the local artists whom he has worked with such as Jay R, Billy Crawford, Kris Lawrence Q-York to name a few.

“I really like their style and the overall vibe of their songs which are upbeat and will make you groove.

For his album, Elmo says he also got the chance to co-write some of the songs in the album, specifically those with rap lines.”

“Songwriting for me is a never ending process. I don’t really spend time sitting down to compose the lyrics, it’s a rather constant process, like, if I suddenly think of a couple good lines, I make sure to write it down or save it on my phone for later use.”

“I’d like to thank Universal Records not only for the opportunity but also for allowing me to share my creative inputs to fulfill my vision for the album.”  I’m really excited about my upcoming debut album, and I am happy to announce that it’s almost finished!

He also expressed his gratitude to his  loyal fans, “I want to thank everyone for always supporting me, both in my acting and singing career, you are the real source of inspiration and mmotivation to improve my craft.”

“Kay Dali” is now available for digital  download on   iTunes, Spinnr, Amazon, Deezer & Spotify and is released by Universal Records. ADVT. 

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